On Tap



4.3% ABV American Light Lager

Light House is designed to be our house light beer. No frills, gimmicks, or tomfoolery. A well balanced, crispy, easy drinking Lager for drinking with

Cream Savers - Nitro

5.2% ABV Cream Ale

This cream ale is simple and effortless to drink. Cold conditioned on fresh
strawberries and with notes of vanilla just like the candies. Super smooth

Manow Drop

6.5% ABV Belgian Blonde

Manow Drop has a soft, light Belgian Wit style body brewed with orange blossom honey, fresh lemon zest & delicate coriander. Notes of lemongrass, floral essence and sweet meyer lemons with a hint of orange. This beer pairs exceptionally well with ginger & thai

Weekend Warrior

5.4% ABV American Pilsner

41 IBU - Well balanced, crisp, light, drinking beer.

Orange Skies

6.3% ABV Belgian White Ale

41 IBU - Brewed with Sweet Orange Peel and Coriander. Think Blue Moon
on steroids but even more drinkable!

Amber Lights

4% ABV American Lager

18 IBU

Rich amber color, light-bodied, roasted caramel malt for a tender sweetness and low bitterness to maximize the carbonation, this traditional amber lager delivers a well-balanced taste for you, your pop’s, and your pop-pop.


Basic B

6.6% Pale Ale
27 IBU

A light, subtle pale ale with pumpkin and light hints of all spice
and cinnamon. While the nose is forward, the beer shines on the back.
This easy drinker finishes with lingering spice profile of cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice and everything nice.

Cormac's Revenge

5.3% ABV Nitro Stout
30 IBU

Oatmeal stout with chocolate, white chocolate, and vanilla. Slight
roasted notes up front with smooth sweetness on the back end reminiscent
of Irish Cream. Brewed in the partnership with McCarthy's Red


5.4% ABV Vienna lager
27 IBU

Malt forward, easy drinking vienna lager. Really, Is there anything
else to say?


4.5% ABV Black Lager
23 IBU

Moderate sweetness into moderate bitterness in a clean lager profile. Finish is slightly bitter with a hint of roastiness that lingers. Fun Fact: USS Nautilus was the world's first operational nuclear-powered submarine.

Burn the Ships

27 IBU

Very rich in dark flavors yet very light to drink. A dark beer designed for a
sunny day.

Smoke 'em if you Got 'em

% ABV Smoked Munich Lager

24 IBU

Made with cherrywood & beechwood smoked malt, Munich malts and European hops. Honey malt for sweetness, Chocolate malt for roastiness, but not drying it out. Sweet & Savory til the last drop! Pairs really well with meats and cheese

Barrel Aged Version also available


Base Camp

6.7% ABV West Coast IPA
60 IBU

Brewed with Columbus, Simcoe,
Amarillo then Dry Hopped with more Simcoe and Centennial hops. Piney,
mildly bitter, slight maltiness. Perfectly balanced, easy drinking, hopped up

Chill Pill

Cold IPL - 5.5% ABV
50 IBU

Cold IPA brewed as lager, fermented and hopped as an ale.
Whirlpooled & Double Dry Hopped with Citra & Simcoe Hops. Clean &
Crisp with a forward hop palate.

James Henry Trotter

7.4% ABV - Milkshake IPA

Think James and the giant peach... We squeezed all of that peach into
the brite tank to cold conditioned this low bittered Indian pale ale, but not
before adding lots of vanilla. Dry Hopped with Citra hops.

Hands-Free Satchel

38 IBU

Made with as many whirlpool hops as we could possibly fit into one whirlpool. Hazy, hoppy, citrusy

Full Battle Rattle

6.2% ABV American IPA

30 IBU

Hops and malt collide in this fruity decked out ipa super earthy with a malt finish, compounded with lingering flat bitterness long after its gone


7% ABV NEIPA - Hazy
30 IBU

Juicy IPA double dry hopped with Cascade, Azaca & Southern Star. Just enough bitterness with lots of tropical notes


Mango Chariot

3.5% ABV Session Ale
10 IBU

Session-able Thirst-Quencher with generous amounts of mango
to condition the juicy flavor.

Wave Runner

7.9% ABV Fruited Wheat
20 IBU

This wheat beer is whirlpooled with lemondrop hops & conditioned on lemon zest to add the right amount of citrus to a batch of strawberries. Extremely smooth & drinkable paired with a higher ABV.



38 IBU

Sour ale conditioned with boysenberries with full mouthfeel and smooth
finish with vanilla.

Key Lime Pie

6.5% ABV Sour Ale
38 IBU

Key Lime Pie in liquid form. Sour ale conditioned with key limes,
vanilla & graham cracker. Flavors melt on your tongue like you're eating a piece of pie with that signature tart finish.


7.5% ABV
38 IBU

Sour ale conditioned with blueberries and coconut.
Flavorful mouthfeel, Sour blueberries like they were picked fresh off the bush on a spring day with a hint of coconut.