Bethlehem, PA 18015

 Beer that sings to You 



We use only the best ingredients from locally-sourced farm-grown hops to perfectly ripe, hand-picked fresh fruit. We are sticklers about what goes into our product, and will give you only the best.


We will have a variety of 7 flagship beers. It doesn’t stop there though! We are consistantly working on new recipes, so that you can be sure we have a brew that sings to your palate.


We realize you can have the best product yet still fail due to lack of exceptional consumer relations. We take pride in making the consumers’ interests come first. Starting with the first step in sourcing and brewing, through top service and entertainment on site, to welcoming feedback on our products – all done to give you the finest experience possible.


Our Mission, for you

To build a destination for quaffing delicious beverages that are
both unique and aligned with your values. We source local/organic ingredients from farmers
we know and partners we trust, supporting our communities while creating meaningful
relationships with those around us. Our goal is to create experiences where passion,
purpose, acceptance, and well-being come together. We strive to be a vital partner in the
renaissance of our home, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

 Beer Gear


Enjoy the best drafts & entertainment

– Our 8,500 Square Foot Beer Hall will allow us to host multiple events per year, including Food Truck Festivals, Beer Festivals, Weddings, Private Events, and beyond.

Located in the heart of the valley at  327 Broadway Street,
Bethlehem, PA 18105

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Brew Crew

Jordan Serulneck

Head of Operations

Jordan has worked for his father’s Lehigh Valley-based catering company for a majority of his life. Growing up in customer service, Jordan learned all facets of the hospitality, bar, and restaurant industry, including customer relations, event planning/management, payroll, and maintaining all safety/sanitation standards.  After a six-year tour with the U.S. Navy, where he oversaw all maintenance personnel, records, and operations of multiple crucial computerized ship systems, Jordan returned to his home in the Lehigh Valley to marry his leadership and operations management experience to his passion – superior craft beer.

Joshua Divers

Head of Brewing

Joshua is an avid beer aficionado, as well as a seasoned brew master, whose beer recently made it to the top 5 in the nation for the Sam Adams’ Longshot Homebrew competition. His award-winning beer was, and continues to be, featured at multiple beer festivals in the Lehigh Valley and beyond.  His knowledge and experience continue to grow, with added inspiration from collaborating with other successful professional brewers in the Lehigh Valley Brewer’s Guild. His experience in finances and management of projects, customer accounts, personnel, and inventory/logistics are a vital part of our well-rounded ownership team. His passionate crafting of beer is the icing on the cake.

Aaron Nelson

Head of  Marketing  & Distribution

Aaron isnt a normal sized human being, standing at 6 foot 7 inches tall you would think he was just the bouncer. But in all actuality he brings alot experience to our team. Raised in Hellertown,PA,  he has a unique background specializing in Supply chain management and Marketing. He is also a highly decorated war veteran and purple heart recipient. He comes to the Seven Sirens family after starting and building a very successful veteran owned company in the windy city of Chicago that is still flourishing today. He plans to use the professional and life lessons he has learned through the years to come back to his roots that are deeply seeded in the Lehigh Valley to bring Seven Sirens Brewing Company to life for everyone!

Flagship Brews

Cream Ale — “Mainsail”

Our Cream Ale is medium-light bodied, smooth, and gold in color. It is low in bitterness. The added complexity, yet clean and sweet malt profile is received from the specialty grain blend. This is an easy and refreshing beer on the palate.

Saison — “Sailors Edition Saison”

Saison—“Sailors Edition Saison”– Farmhouse ale blended with fresh lemongrass, lemon thyme, and ginger. This Saison has floral overtones finishing with a peppery and earthy tartness.

NEIPA — “East Tideland IPA”

Our New England IPA comes at you with sessionable strength. It is a delightfully smooth and creamy body with a dense cap of everlasting foam. It has luscious flavors of tropical and citrus fruit juices with a hazy appearance. Our NEIPA driven by loads of flame-out hop additions, gives you massive hop flavor and finishing with smooth bitterness. Two rounds of dry hopping round out the recipe by adding in-your- face aroma.

Amber Ale — “Liquid Breakfast”

This Red ale is brewed with cherry wood smoked malt lending balance and depth of flavor while enhancing the hints of bacon. The color is a dark ruby red. The smooth flavor from the malt and maple syrup lead into a complex smoked bite. This beer eliminates the stigma of drinking before noon!

Red Rye PA — “Heart of Hops”

Red Rye PA which has a distinct red color and mild richness provided by a bit of chocolate rye. This richness blends well with the citrus and spiciness of the hops. The Belgian yeast gives the brew an added complexity. You don’t have to be a hophead to love this one.

Brown Ale — “BrownSea Aleland”

Ale is designed for light beer drinkers and craft beer lovers alike. Our Nut Brown ale has a deep copper color. It has a fruity, caramel flavor and toasty, chocolate notes in the aroma. This ale is designed light beer drinkers and beer lovers.

Stout — “Sea Stack”

Our Irish stout with medium body makes for a very drinkable dark beer. It has a pronounced roasty, coffee-like flavor and aroma, imparted by a generous helping of roasted barley. The hop bitterness enhances the dryness.


The Secret of Success

Seven Sirens Brewing Company is able to differentiate itself from local micro-breweries through its emphasis on a wide variety of fine PA beers. The experience will be complimented by a vast selection of PA spirits and wines. We are a unique establishment that is poised to leverage partnerships with local PA breweries, PA distilleries and PA wineries. The facility showcases its own brewing operation, and engages customers in social settings.

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our friends say:

Point Blank….The Beer Sang to Me alright!!

Nina M.

Really impressed with these guys super friendly and eager to answer any and all questions about there beer. Couldn’t be more professional… also every beer was over the moon amazing!! Can’t wait for them to open super stoked! I also grabbed myself a T-shirt and hoodie at one of their tasting and was pleasantly surprised on how nice the quality was.

Shawn Z.

Great beer, Awesome Owners, I cant wait to have them open right down the road

Jim S.

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